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2015年第3期(3月1日-3月31日) 总第89期

2015年4月6日 星期一

要闻 Headline



Beijing holds a symposium on theories regarding legislative implementation

A diagram showing one year of the NPC’s accomplished legislation

An explanation of draft amendments to the PRC’s legislation law

The NPC moves further towards accomplishing “Legislating for the People”

The whys and wherefores of amendments to legislation

数读全国人大常委会工作报告 去年一年做了啥
An account of what the NPC Standing Committee did last year

An amendment clause regarding the commercialization of research findings


中国地方债受关注 专家:底特律式破产不会上演
An expert on local governments in debt: Detroit-style bankruptcy will not happen

五成网友旅游被坑 5A景区里最想吐槽嵩山少林寺
50% of internet users complain of fraud while traveling; particularly those who went to Songshan’s Shaolin Temple

 The Health Office of Hubei’s You Country responds to “Local Hospital Charges for 72 Hours of Oxygen Each Day”

Jiangxi’s Yifeng Counry states that the rumors of “Over 20 Tombs of Revolutionary Martyrs Were Robbed” are not true



The Shenzhen Longgang District Court uses online payment system to resolve a case

山东滕州法院行政案集中管辖 倒逼依法行政
Shandong’s Tengzhou Court administration according to law with administrative cases in its jurisdiction

A case was filed against the Principle of Xianyou No. 1 Middle School in Fujian, Li Linhua, for allegedly accepting bribes

A case was filed against the former deputy mayor of Longyan City in Fujian, Chen Shengyi, for allegedly accepting bribes



法制网评:监督与敲诈 一线之隔
Governing internet discussion: A fine line between control and extortion

The SPC takes a step towards better governance by cleaning up several Judicial Administration interpretive documents

Rural areas’ “Thee kinds of land” reform process should move towards marketization

Recommendation for a fund that focuses on mitigating the pressure created by non-capital city, non-essential functions in Beijing

Urging a “sharper” policy against counterfeit documents and “soft corruption”





媒体评论:(Comments From Media)



How will recent revisions to legislation law affect you and me?

Revisions to legislation law have great statutory significance for taxation

 Revisions to legislation law and the case of Secretary Qiu He

 Revisions to Legislation Law: What are the benefits?




可以说立法法的修改过程,本身就体现了立法法精神,最大限度让民智、民意、民情体现到法律修改里。 中国现行立法法自2000年颁布施行以来,对规范立法活动,推动形成和完善中国特色社会主义法律体系,推进社会主义法治建设,发挥了重要作用。实践证明,立法法确立的立法制度总体是符合国情、行之有效的。 但是,随着中国经济社会的发展和改革的不断深化,人民群众对加强和改进立法工作有许多新期盼,以习近平为总书记的党中央提出了新要求,立法工作面临不少需要研究解决的新情况、新问题。

One can say that the amendment process itself embodies the inherent essence of the legislation law; it at most can incorporate public wisdom, public opinion, and popular sentiment into the amendment process. Since it was enacted in 2000, China’s current legislation law has been very important in promoting and formalizing the norms for China’s socialism with Chinese characteristics based legal system as well as advancing a socialist legal structure. That the legislative system established by the legislation law completely conformed to China’s situation at the time and was effective serve as proof of the law’s importance. In the wake of China’s continuous social and economic development as well as its deepening reforms, the Chinese people have an increasing number of hopes and expectations regarding the legislative reform process. Xi Jinping, as the General-Secretary of the Party Central Committee, has issued new requirements. The process of reform involves encountering and research new situations, problems, and situations.Every right has a limit. In spite of the ownership, the right holders still have to abide their behaviors by the laws and regulations.


视 点

View Point


媒体评论:(Comments From Media)


万亿地方债置换计划将出 传国企大规模整合

Rumors that due to countless regional debt swaps, most state owned enterprises will integrate



The benefits and disadvantages of countless debt swaps across the country




当前让一部分地方债展期当然是必要的,但是要根本解决地方债问题,则需改革现行财税收入分配体系,适当增加地方财政收入。 财政部发言人上周日宣布,经国务院批准,近期财政部已下达了地方存量债务1万亿元置换债券额度,允许地方把一部分到期高成本债务转换成地方政府债券。也就是说,国家已经批准了1万亿元额度的地方债借新还旧。毫无疑问,这对于资本市场、债券市场乃至整个市场预期都是一个利好消息。从消极的层面上来说,它起码缓解了央行和国外金融观察方面所警示的中国地方债危机。 从积极的层面来说,它降低了地方政府的利息负担,让地方政府腾出手脚可以相对轻装地投入落实积极财政政策的具体行动中去。政府债券利率一般较低,根据推算,地方政府一年可减少利息负担400亿-500亿元。


A Ministry of Finance spokesperson announced last Sunday that the State Council approved a Ministry of Finance plan that allows local governments to use up to 1 trillion yuan in reserves to issue bonds, and has permitted local governments to issue high cost government debts as government bonds. In other words, the central government has approved a 1 trillion yuan credit limit so that local governments can borrow to pay back their existing loans. Naturally, one expects this to be good news for capital markets, bond markets, and the general market. Currently, extending local governments’ deadlines to pay back debts is necessary. However, in order to comprehensively solve the issue of local governments’ debts, China’s current tax and finance distribution need to be reformed in a way that increases local governments’ revenue. On a more passive note, this news can at the very least help alleviate the warnings given by the Central Bank and the international finance community regarding China’s local debt crisis. On a more direct note, it also reduces local governments’ interest burdens as well as frees up their ability to implement more active financial policies. Government bond interest rates are generally low. According to recent calculations, local governments can lower their interest burdens by between 40-60 billion yuan a year. 








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